Welcome To My Blog

I intend to get very personal here.  I will be as honest as I can without hurting others.  I’ve led a life that has been interesting to say the least.  Not in the way I actually think of an interesting life.  Say the life of an international spy, or a supermodel, or mega celebrity, or world news journalist, or even someone who has spent their life working around the world helping others.  But, compared to say, my mother, or her sister, or most of my friends.  I have led a unique life.  I feel that I have a story to tell in the hopes to help others who have been in similar situations and need to feel that they are not alone.  To look at me, I guess I look fairly normal, but inside, is turmoil, love, anger, resentment, joy, and sometimes the wish to die.  And sometimes the absolute sheer revel at life and how blessed I am to be a part of it.  This is the story of a diagnosed bi-polar woman raising a child on her own after a life lived quite fully.

I hope someone, even just one person feels less alone in his or her feelings and can relate to some of or even just one of these stories.  We were never promised a rose garden.  I have had rose petals, and I have had thorns.  Here, in these next posts will be sad stories, stories of survival, fun stories, true stories and I hope you enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog

  1. I would def transfer over your notes…as I think your story is so powerful & interesting from where you started a bit ago! loving reading & your doing an awesome job! miss & luv ya! ❤️


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